Why go with an aluminum framed enclosure over a wood frame structure?

Several reasons  

•        Low cost, usually a third the cost of wood frame
•        Low maintenance
•        Installation quicker, 1-3 days average completion
•        Re-screening is easier
•        Does not require termite or insect treatment
•        Framing does not twist and bow after drying out

Are there options on the screen used?


•        18/14 mesh      Fiberglass screen, standard screen for enclosures
•        20/20 mesh      Fiberglass screen with smaller mesh, helps keep out gnats and small insects,
        used for top panels on a pool enclosure when pine trees are present
•        Petscreen          Used below Chair Rail. Up to 7 times stronger than regular screen.
•        Florida Glass    Laminated screen used as a privacy screen or to keep rain and debris out
•        Sunscreen         Blocks up to 75% of the suns rays.

What colors are available for the aluminum framing?

Bronze and White are stock colors. Ivory, Sandstone, and Adobe are special order.

Why should we choose American Discount Aluminum Inc. over other local companies?

Dealing with American Discount Aluminum Inc. is a pleasant experience from the moment you call
to the completion of the job.

•        Live person answers the phone
•        Quick and on time estimates
•        Good Price
•        Job starts and completions on time
•        Friendly and courteous workers
•        Excellent workmanship
•        Backs Warranty

Do you have referrals?

We have done several thousand jobs in North Florida and South Georgia and work with some of
the top Pool Companies, Builders and Realtors. We are happy to provide you with a list of referrals.

How long does it take to build?

•        Most screen rooms take 1-2 days.
•        Patio Roofs 1 day.
•        Pool enclosures 1-5 days, depending on size and complexity

Do you sub-contract out the job?

We use our own trained Aluminum Fabricators. This is a  must for job quality.

Can I still tan inside a pool enclosure?

Yes, the screen only blocks a small amount of the suns rays. If you would like to block a little more
of the sun we can install a finer mesh screen (20/20 mesh).

If I have a lot of trees around will that keep me from being able to have a pool enclosure?

No, we can build a gable or gable/hip style to limit the leaves from accumulating on top.
If you have pine trees near by we can install 20/20 mesh screen on top to limit the needles from
poking through.

What are the advantages of a pool enclosure over just a fence around the pool?

•        Protection from young kids getting in the pool area (kids can climb over fences)
•        Reduced chemical costs, due to less debris in the pool
•        Keeps out insects, you can enjoy the outdoors more
•        Pool liners and pool interiors last longer
•        No cleaning the pool prior to swimming due to leafs or dead bugs
•        Less water evaporation thus saving on the water bill
•        Restrict foreign matter staining the interior of the pool and the deck
•        Spend time swimming not cleaning

Are they built to with stand high winds?

All structures are engineered and built to Florida code. Some up to 150mph wind speed.

We have a screen room but can’t use it when the rain is blowing in or a cold breeze is present,
what can we do?

We offer a vinyl glaze window unit that can be installed inside the framing of the screen room.
Comes in a vertical 4 track 4 vent units or a 2 track 2 vent side slider unit. Use the room as a screen
room the majority of the time but when the weather gets bad close the windows.

I would like to build it myself; do you sell screen room kits?

Yes. Just furnish us a size and we can work you up a price

Are you licensed and insured?

Yes, we have three state licenses, CRC039439, SCC056726, and CCC057551, and we are a state
qualified business QB0008999, we are insured and carry workers comp. If you want to check
licenses go to
www.myfloridalicense.com. It is against the law to deal with unlicensed contractors
in the state of Florida so make sure you check before hiring a contractor.

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